How to make a data collection openly available 

More and more funders and publishers foster Open Science and the creation of FAIR research data. As a result of a joined effort by DataHub and Maastricht University Library researchers using the DataHub storage services have the opportunity to make their data collection openly available via DataverseNL. With a push of a button you can copy a data collection or parts of a data collection from DataHub to DataverseNL, including the descriptive metadata of the data collection. The data than can be published as open access or with restrictions (i.e. access upon request). The process is arranged in a way that every data collection will be curated by a data steward before the data collection is published. This minimises the risk of publishing sensitive data and increases the quality of the descriptive metadata of the data collection. With this service, researchers from both Maastricht University and Maastricht UMC+ are able to meet the demands of funders and publishers to make data publically available.

Step 1 - Enable feature on the parent project


In order to use the self-service "Copy to external repository" feature, you need to make sure that the feature is enabled on the parent project.

  • Go to your collection details page (e.g ).
  • Look for the "Data migrations" section and check if the button "Copy to external repository" is available on the page.
  • If it doesn't appear, it means that the feature is not enabled for your project. There are two ways to enable it:

    • If you are a data steward for this project, you can enable it yourself by following these steps:

      • Go to the project details page (e.g.

      • Click on the pencil icon at "Copy to external repository (DataverseNL)"

      • A pop up window opens where you need to choose "Enabled"

      • Press "Confirm"

      • All collections in this project are now eligible to be exported to an Open Access repository.

    • In all other cases you need to contact your data steward to enable it for you. To find out who your data steward is:

General conditions

End result

The end result will be:

Log in to the Maastricht Data Repository

User manual

If you want to look at the complete user manual for copying a data collection to DataverseNL, you can find it here:

User manual

More info

If you need more info you can contact us for help.

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