Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Funding bodies require varying degrees of data management planning at the grant proposal stage and after grant awarding. Many research funders request that you:

  • Create and follow a data management plan;
  • Create FAIR data;
  • Share some or all of your data with the public;
  • Share some or all of your data for further research or verification of your research results.

Recently, ZonMW announced (and others may follow) that it will accept data management plans based on UMC DMP templates, on the condition that these contain (at least) these 5 features

Create FAIR data accompanied by a Data Management Plan
Funder requirements
  1. a link to the repository, online catalogue or web portal on which the data or the associated metadata will be listed mentioned;

  2. the DOI code (persistent identifier), ensuring that the data collection can be found in the long term;

  3. the link (or persistent identifier) to the terms of use of the data (this is not required if the data collection is open access);

  4. the metadata standard that you intend to use, which facilitates data linking;

  5. the link to the archive or repository for long-term archiving.

DataHub features
  1. The data cataloque at DataHub is based on semantic technology and linkable with open repositories like Dataverse, Zenodo and Figshare;

  2. An ePIC (persistent identifier and equivalent of DOI) is assigned to every data set uploaded to DataHub;

  3. The terms of use are for each collection available via the persistent identifier;

  4. The use of ontologies is mandatory at DataHub;

  5. DataHub or Dataverse can be used for long-term archiving.

Setup your Data Management Plan