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Why is DataHub going to use SRAM?

The main reason is to enable collaboration with external users (non-UM/MUMC+). With SRAM it will be easier, faster and safer to collaborate with researchers around the world. Also, SRAM allows data stewards to control the collaboration memberships and manage permissions on data stored at DataHub.

Is SRAM already live in DataHub?

We are now in the preparation phase. The definitive switch over is scheduled for mid April 2021.

How can I get access to a collaboration?

You can contact the data steward of this collaboration.

Or use the self-invite link (you can find the available list at the bottom of this page).
If it is the first time, go through the sign-up flow and then wait to be accepted by the data steward.

Where do I find more instructions for the sign-up flow?

You can best read the manual or contact your data steward.

How do I invite a colleague/researcher/collaborator?

Send the self-invite link or contact your data steward.

How do I know the invitation link is secure?

Please check that the "Join them now" link is starting with 
As a general recommendation when entering your UM username and password, it is always good to check that you are on the page starting with

Where do I read more about SRAM?

For more information about SRAM, please visit the SURF website.