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 It's free! (unless you have huge data sets)

If you have less than a 100GB of data, we can offer storage for free to you. Your data will be on our highest performance, safest storage facilities. You will get access to our High Performance Spinning Disk Storage (NAS) with geo-replication, hosted by the ICTS department of Maastricht University.

What are the costs for large data sets?

For larger data sets, we have several storage solutions available. Which one you need depends on your situation. At the moment we have the following storage options available:

High Performance Spinning Disk Storage (NAS)Medium Performance Spinning Disk Storage (Ceph)Tape Archive
How often do you need access to the data?This option is for researchers who need daily or constant access to their data.This option is for researchers who don't need constant but regular access to their data.This option is for researchers who just need an archive for their data they don't need to access regularly.
Data storage locationMaastricht University (ICTS)Maastricht University (ICTS)Amsterdam (SURFsara)
Price *

€ 180 / TB / year (From 1-7-2021 € 130 / TB / year)

€ 62 / TB / year € 15 / TB / year

* The prices for the NAS and Ceph storage are based on storing your data on two different geographical locations (geo-replication). We can also offer storage without geo-replication for these options for half the price listed here. We would not recommend this because this will increase the risk of losing data but the option is available.

How to determine what option is best?

To exactly determine what option suits your needs best, we need to plan a personal meeting. In that personal meeting we can compose a mix of storage platforms that best suits your situation. When determining the best storage solution for you, we need to answer these questions:

  • How much risk of losing data are you willing to take?
  • Do you need to work with the data on a daily basis?
  • How many years does the data needs to be available?

These are also the questions that you need to answer in your Data Management Plan.

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QuestionWhat does storage costs?
AnswerPrices range from €15 to €180 per terabyte per year, depending on the exact composition for your situation