Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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 Create a Drop zone to upload project data  

Uploading project data to DataHub starts by creating a Drop zone. This is a special network directory where you can place data from a specific investigation together. After finishing, the data is ingested into DataHub.

What are Drop zones?

Drop zones:

  • are temporary network folders that have a maximum life span of 3 months;
  • allow you to upload data to the DataHub data management system for persistent storage;
  • can be generated by you as a user by clicking the New Drop zone button in the web portal;
  • allow a drag-and-drop experience to copy data from your workstation to the DataHub system;
  • are deleted (including all data in them) after a successful ingest operation.

Creating a new Drop zone

You can create a new Drop zone by taking the following steps:

  1. Check your account and projects.
    Your UM- or MUMC-account has been activated for usage of the DataHub services by one of our data stewards. You may already have been added to your relevant project. The first step is to check this. 
  2. Point your browser to (you need to be logged in).

  3. Create a new Drop zone by clicking the button "Create a new Drop zone".
  4. Check in the first dropdown whether your project is listed here.
  5. If your project is listed, you're ready to upload your data and you can follow the instructions in the user manual
    Go to user manual

  6. If your project isn't listed in the first dropdown, visit this how to:

     How to start a new project

More info

If something is unclear, doesn't work or you just need help: don't hesitate to contact us for help.

Contact us for help

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