Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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 How to create a NWO Data Management Section  

NWO requires Veni and Vidi candidates to complete a paragraph on data management in the application form (question 2e). 

You can answer the questions in your NWO application form, or you can use our web-based tool DMPMaastricht. The guidance provided in this tool is intended to help you compose this paragraph. For each question you have to answer in the Veni/Vidi application form, this guidance asks a set of questions that will help you to decide what information to include in the data management paragraph for your particular research proposal. It also contains information about the facilities available at MUMC+.

The NWO funding process explained
NWO Grant Rules

Writing a NWO Data Management Section with the DMPMaastricht tool

You can create a Data Management Section using our DMP tool by taking the following steps:

  1. Open the DMP tool: DMPMaastricht
  2. Select the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as primary funding organisation. 
  3. Select the NWO data management / Question 2e template.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields.
  5. Download or share your Data Management Section.
  6. Add this section to your application form.

Your Data Management Section will be stored for future reference and to share with your funder or other stakeholders.

Open the DMP tool

Complete plan

If you need to write a complete Data Management Plan, visit this how to: 

 How to create a Data Management Plan

More info

If you need more info you can open the complete user manual for the DMPMaastricht tool or contact us for help.

 Data Management Plan user manual

Contact us for help