Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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The first step: safely storing your data and making a simple plan

Data management starts with safely storing your research data. Our services keep your data safe and make it easy to retrieve the data. It's also good practice to make a small plan for your research data called a Data Management Section. This is a short document that states the type of data, your method of collections and the format of your data. It also includes information on the facilities that you use and reasons to share or not share your data. Most research funders require a Data Management Section as part of your grant proposal. And if you want to know more, you can dip your toe in the principles and practices of data management by taking a look in our knowledge database.

 1H of free data management advice

DataHub offers 1 hour of free data management advice to get you started on managing your research data. You can schedule an appointment with one of our data stewards and they will help you on your way.

When we have received your request for scheduling your 1 hour of free data management advice, one of our data stewards will contact you. It is possible that you will also receive some questions. We kindly ask you to prepare these questions upfront, so your 1 hour of free data management advice will be as efficient as possible.

Send email to schedule your 1H of free advice

Our essential services

Data management section

In a data management section, you explain how you handle the data your research produces. Most research funders require you to write one.

Safe storage

The first step you can take towards responsible and effective data management is make sure your data is stored secure and you can access it easily.

Data management knowledge

If you want to get started with data management, it's good to have a basic understanding of the key concepts involved.