Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Leverage the power of data

Research data holds a huge potential for new discoveries. Advanced research thinkers believe that the big new discoveries will come from combining data from different research fields. This takes a lot of work and effort but we have the tools set up for you if you want to dive deep into the possibilities data hold.

Our advanced services

Advanced DMP

Advanced research sometimes does not fit into the molds of standard data management plans. We can help you create custom data management plans for complex data research.

SMART storage

Not all data is equal. Some data needs to be extra secure, some data needs quick access and what are the costs. We have different storage solutions to fit your advanced data storage needs.

Data stewardship

Successful data management includes adopting the right mindset. In working groups you can learn from peers who are working on similar challenges.

Find data

We have a catalogue of the research data that has been collected within the MUMC+ you can explore.

Data structuring

To leverage the power of data, your data needs to be structured. We have the knowledge and tools to help you with that.

Advanced data privacy

Privacy concerns require you to anonymize personal data before it can be stored in our systems. We have advanced services to help you do that.

Collaboration facilities

Research data management involves a lot of collaboration. We have online and offline facilities to support collaboration.

Patient data

We have technology in place to enable the use patient data for research purposes.

Imaging (beta)

More and more data is visual. We are working on facilities for storing visual data.

Data consultancy

We have a multi-disciplinary team that can help you solve complex research data management questions.

How to use our data consultancy service