Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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Linking community and technology to enable FAIR data

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A self-service FAIR data repository for responsible research data management

Find data

  • Data catalogue DISQOVER.
  • Find your data collections.
  • Explore MUMC+ research data.
  • Search across linked COVID-19 data.
  • Direct links from collections to publications.

Data management plan
  • Data management plan support.
  • Web-based tool DMPMaastricht.
  • Institutional UM/MUMC+ template.
  • Specific guidance from your organisation and funders.

  • Research data stored in the Maastricht Data Repository.
  • Enrich your data sets with metadata to organise it better.
  • Easy data collaboration: share with your colleagues, external collaborators or keep it private to yourself.
  • All data sets get a persistent identifier automatically.
  • Several types of storage technologies, tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Free storage up to 100 GB of data.

  • Storage of DICOM and other imaging-related data.
  • XNAT research imaging archive (PACS).
  • Keep imaging data in a single centralized location.
  • View DICOM images and metadata online.
  • Access/download images for further analysis.

Patient data
  • Enabling the use of patient data for research purposes.
  • Automatically extract patient data from the SAP Electronic Health Records system.
  • Transform patient data into a standard format (HL7CDA).

  • Digital Research Environment (Azure anDREa)
  • Compliant with all laws & regulations
  • Import and work securely with research data
  • Invite fellow researchers into your workspace to collaborate
  • Costs depending on use

1H free advice

  • Free data management advice (1 hour).
  • Get you started on managing your research data.

About DataHub
News and events

DataHub is an institutional data broker that provides data management services to researchers from Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University. Our cross-organisational infrastructure enables researchers from multiple disciplines to reuse valuable data from the hospital, the university, and beyond. DataHub works according to the FAIR principles, which specify that data and metadata should be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We continuously improve our services in order to provide added value to researchers who want to do more with their data. Read more.

Contact information

For DataHub related news, events and recommended reads, please visit the RDM@UM website.

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